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May 24, 2011

This handy tip is part of a larger document that one of our very knowledgeable people put together. It’s part of our “best practices” to ensure that your system performs to it’s utmost for the longest period of time.

Adaptec Storage Manager can be configured to send email messages (or notifications) about events on a system in your storage space. We recommend doing this if your storage space is not managed by a dedicated person, or if that particular system is off-site or not connected to a monitor. Email notifications can help you monitor activity on your entire storage space from any location, and are especially useful in storage spaces that include multiple systems running the Adaptec Storage Manager Agent only.

To set up email notifications:

a. In the Configure menu (on the tool bar), select the system you want, and then select Email Notifications.

b. The Email Notifications window opens. The SMTP Server Settings window opens if you haven’t set up email notifications previously.

c. Enter the address of your SMTP server and the “From” address to appear in email notifications. If an email recipient will be replying to email notifications, be sure that the “From” address belongs to a system that is actively monitored.

d. Click OK to save the settings.

e. In the Email Notifications window tool bar, click Add email recipient. The Add Email Recipient window opens.

f. Enter the recipient’s email address, select the level of events for which the recipient will receive an email, and then click Add. Repeat this Step to add more email recipients. Click Cancel to close the window.

This simple tool will help you monitor your systems and allow you to take action when something goes wrong … rather that waiting for a second drive to fail and all hell to break loose.

You can find the full document (which I’ll be plagiarising further in this blog) at:



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