Maintaining a healthy array…

July 25, 2011

This is another excerpt from our “Maintenance Best Practices for Adaptec RAID Solutions” document. I can’t claim credit for this document, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing illegal about plagiarising our own documentation :-)

A “verify with fix” is a single, quick check of the array. After the verification process has checked all sectors of the array, it stops and will not start again until started manually by the administrator. In manual mode, the verification process commands are given a higher priority than in Auto mode so that the check completes significantly faster.

Verify with fix is a data-level check and requires more controller resources to read and compare data. Also, because of the additional resources required, verify with fix is not designed to run continuously. Rather, it should be scheduled to run at a regular interval, preferably during periods of low drive activity, or during system maintenance.

To verify and fix a logical drive using Adaptec Storage Manager:

a. In the Logical Devices View, right-click the logical drive.

b. Select Verify with fix and confirm that you want to verify

c. To begin the verification immediately, click Yes. To schedule the verification, click Schedule, and then set the date and time. You can also choose to set the verification as a recurring task.

While the verification is in progress, the logical drive is shown as an animated icon to indicate that the task is in progress. When the verification is complete, an event notice is generated in the local system’s event log.

The full story on maintenance best practices for your array can be found at:

Note: Don’t do this during a working day … your users will be less than impressed. However you should schedule this for a quiet period in your working week (eg 2am Sunday morning). Storage Manager makes it easy to run this check on a regular basis (scheduling) without you haveing to get up at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning to make sure your arrays are in tip top shape.



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