What the spare?

August 11, 2011

Had a question the other day from a customer panicking about his hot spare situation. He was running a RAID 1E on 3 drives with a hot spare in a small database server – very sensible.

As is the way of hard drives, one went west. The hot spare did its thing and kicked in. The array rebuilt and all was hunky dory. However the bit that confused him was the fact that the drive which had originally been the hot spare, but was now part of the array, still had a “hot spare” icon in Adaptec Storage Manager.

Did it work? Was the array optimal? Was there something wrong with the card? Yes, yes and no.

When this situation occurs we make a very subtle change to the hot spare icon, but leave it there so that a system admin can see that this particular drive was a hot spare but has now been built into an array. It’s perfectly safe to right-click on that drive and “delete” the hot spare. All you are in fact doing is removing the designation of the hot spare … the drive itself is now an array member and not a hot spare any more.

Of course you need to replace the failed drive and make it a hot spare to put your world back in order, but all should then be good.

Tricks for young players …



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