Changing the default task priority …

August 16, 2011

Have you ever wondered why rebuilds take so long. Maybe it’s because you have 24 x 3tb drives in a RAID6 with 2 failed drives, or maybe it’s because the default task priority is set to low.

You can set the default priority by right-clicking on the controller in ASM and changing the value. Note that this won’t affect running tasks – you can change that by right-clicking on the array and changing the task there, but I recommend to set the default priority to high.

This brings about lots of questions … won’t it impact performance? Will my users be affected? Possiby yes, but the real question is … what is important here? Getting the server rebuilt back to optimal as quickly as possible or not having people complain. Since people complain all the time I don’t take much notice of that. Their complaints will be much louder if the server goes down because something else goes wrong before the array is optimal again so I tend to go for the lesser of two evils and get things back working correctly as quickly as possible.

It all depends on your priorities, but it’s worth considering setting the default to high – it makes a considerable difference in such things as rebuilding RAID 6 arrays.

Food for thought.



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