Will this tin can work with my raid card?

March 14, 2012

The world has gone more than a little crazy in the hard drive department these days. Unless you are a major OEM you are probably having difficulty getting hold of your preferred hard drives to build your server. Nearline Enterprise SATA seem especially hard to come by.

This has resulted in many people using just about anything they can lay their hands on to connect to their RAID cards. Problem is that while hard drives have become hard to find, RAID cards haven’t changed. The same old rules apply about connecting desktop drives to RAID cards – they are not designed for such, the drive vendors don’t support them in those environments and you are going to get problems down the track.

I can see a busy time for tech support teams coming up in a couple of years time when servers being built today start to age, and all the fun and games of older desktop drives on RAID cards start to surface. Maybe that’s why I decided it was time to go and do a management course at night :-)



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