A new year, a new firmware …

January 8, 2013

Welcome to 2013 …

The hand is back in working order (thanks to motorbike and deer meeting) – so now it’s time to tell you about our new firmware release for our Series 6 and Series 7 controllers. It was actually released in 2012 but since most of you were on holidays by then I’m calling it a new year release.

For the Series 6 this update brings about a lot of changes, the most significant of which are UEFI bios support and a new Storage Management Software – maxView. We’ve gone to the max when it comes to naming products – I’m now called maxNeil, but the new software is a web-browser-based html GUI that a lot of our customers have been asking for – for a long time.

So here it is. I still have to wait for the boss to fork out for a new lab machine with a UEFI bios so I can do some testing, but the software is easy enough to use and retains the same functionality as the old Adaptec Storage Manager only with a new look and feel. Therefore I’m strongly recommending that customers look at upgrading their firmware and drivers on their 6 Series controllers, and look at the new management software as this is it for us moving forward. In fact it’s the only management product available on the 7 Series so let’s all get used to it :-)



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