Drive firmware …

February 25, 2013

I recently copped a slam from one of my customers due to the fact that they had stability problems in their system and the customer was pointing the finger at the RAID card.

When I pointed out to the customer that yes, the drive was on our compatibility report but no, the firmware the customer was using was not the same version as we had tested, this did not seem to matter and the problem was still my fault.

Hmmm …

Can I really be put to the sword over this issue? RAID card vendors happily produce new firmware to fix anything and everything that crops up all the time, but disk drive vendors are little more loathe to create new firmware for their products, and even more loathe to tell anyone about them.

My basic take on this is that drive firmware updates are (a) not as common as RAID card firmware updates, but (b) they are every bit as important. Since the vendors seem so loathe to actually tell anyone about them, when they do produce an update it is very important (and therefore should be used).

So on our compatibility reports, beside the drive is a firmware revision. This is just as important as the drive being on the list in the first place. If it’s on there but your firmware is an older revision, the drive may as well not be on the list. So make sure … is the drive on the list and if so, is the firmware on your drive the same or newer than the version listed on our website.

Compatibility Reports for Adaptec cards can be found at:
I suggest you make this a “must” web-page for your purchasers.