A trip down memory (storage) lane …

February 3, 2014

For some reason I was looking at Ebay (don’t tell the boss) at the number of old Adaptec products to be had for the intrepid nostalgia buff.

SCSI HBA, SCSI raid, network cards, SATA raid cards, zero channel raid cards, jbod, fibre jbod power supplies, NAS products, iSCSI initiatior cards, firewire, USB (1 and 2), USB to SCSI, SCSI software … the list goes on (and on).

It’s a bit scary to think I’ve been involved with all of these technologies at one stage or another – think I’ve forgotten more Adaptec products than I currently know. However it’s an eye-opener to think that a lot of this stuff is still required out there (judging by the number of bids on things) and that some of these products are over 10 years old and still working well (according to the sales pitch on most of the products listed).

I’m not sure that the rest of the industry can still boast having drives or motherboards that support such old products (SCSI and PCI64 respectively), but it’s interesting to see that while we charge ahead into the brave new world of PCIe connectivity directly to devices (as the datacenters of the world are pushing for) that there is still a tail to the story and many people are still out there using old products in innovative ways.

So what’s your story? What are you using that’s older than it should be and still working fine? I’d love to hear those stories.



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