Is it compatible?

May 14, 2014

Does this work with this? That’s a question that Adaptec often receives from customers who are trying to purchase hard drives to suit a customer application. Very often those drives are new to the customer (hard drive vendors change models as well as changing model names without changing drives faster than we do), so customers get very confused, wary and downright worried about plugging things together.

So what can you do about it?

For starters, look at our compatibility reports. They are very well hidden on our website (something we are trying to fix right now), but they are a good start.

(It’s easier to type in the link than try and find it through navigating the website.)

This is a list of what we have tested that works. That’s not necessarily to say that it’s a list of everything we have tested, just what works. Take serious note of the firmware revisions of the devices (especially hard drives) as they play a big part in the reliability and compatibility of products.

There are various notes around the pages (some that I missed reading myself), such as the fact that we don’t support “SED” (self-encrypting drives), but the important one to see is that if a product is of the same family, but not on the list, then we are comfortable that it will work. So if you see a 1TB drive on the list, and you are purchasing a 2TB model of the same family from the same vendor, then it will be OK.

If in doubt call Adaptec, but start with the compatibility lists. Are they completely up to date all the time? No, that would be impossible. Are there going to be products you want to purchase that are not on there? Of course, Murphy was an optimist after all.

But don’t (a) blindly purchase products without doing some research and (b) don’t not use a card because you “think” it might not work. Check first, then call second if you have to, but work on the principle that a very large percentage of products in the market work with just about every vendor’s cards so compatibility should be the exception, not the major sticking point in a system build decision process.



Oh my goodness, my backplane has an LSI expander! …

May 5, 2014

So what?

Adaptec cards are tested to work with a large number of devices. While we do our best to hide our compatibility reports (dig at Marketing but I know that is being fixed) … these reports show that we test our cards with a wide range of motherboards, backplanes and drives.

So go and have a dig in the “Resources” section of our website and see if you can find the compatibility reports for that card you think you might be buying tomorrow!