Computex …

June 18, 2014

Spent a week in Taiwan at Computex – it’s an amazing combination of technology providers and customers from across the world.

PMC had two main focus at this event – one was to work with Chenbro in promoting their new jbod designs and the other was working with EchoStreams in showing their amazing high-speed array technology using our RAID cards.

Chenbro were great – they gave me two servers and 60+ hard drives to work with. It’s not often I get to play with such large numbers of devices and make 220gb+ arrays – my budget doesn’t normally extend to such large amounts of equipment. It’s pretty interesting to look at how dense drive arrays are becoming – 60 drives in a 4U chassis is quite an engineering achievement and the Chenbro equipment worked perfectly all week.

The EchoStreams gear is mind-blowing in performance – check out their website at

Now if I can just get some of this gear into my lab :-)



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