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July 16, 2014

Was recently asked a question about SCSI-Express by a customer … eg when are we going to have controller out to handle such devices etc. So I flicked back a question … what devices?

He quick threw back some links of Asus and Gigabyte motherboards that have SCSI-Express connectors on them – and yes of course they are gaming boards (

I dug up an old link from the STA ( and all you’ll find all over the wording is “enterprise”. If it had been written today, it would have the word “datacenter” stuffed in there as well because that’s the new marketing buzzword (especially “Hyperscale Datacenters”), but I guess that document must be more than 10 minutes old which makes it old hat in this world’s marketing analysis.

However, it made me think … who is going to use SCSI-Express and/or NVMe devices? Are they going to be so much cheaper than the current crop of straight PCIe NVRAM cards (eg LSI Nitro or FusionIO) that everyone will run out and buy one? When was the last time that people put FusionIO cards in gaming machines?

Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe the gamers of the world do indeed spend that much money on storage. Somehow I thought they spent all the money on processors, video cards, memory and fish-tank cooling systems … not PCIe SSD.

Now I’m not saying what we are doing in this department because heaven forbid, that would get me in hot water, so you can just wait for the marketing team to talk about “real world” stuff, but seriously, am I getting too old?

I’m confused … is there a “gaming enterprise” segment of this market that I hadn’t heard about.



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