Fast times at PMC High …

August 28, 2014

PMC have just announced two pretty cool new products. Once fits squarely under the PMC banner, while the other is an “Adaptec by PMC” release.

Product 1 is our new Flashtec™ drive. This is one cool baby of a piece of technology. Take a bunch of dram and set it up as either storage or memory (user choice) – then back it up in case of power failure by using Adaptec’s long-standing ZMCP technology (or a variant thereof) – by using a supercap and NVRAM in case of power failure. Connect all that to the OS via the latest and greatest interface – nvme and you have a pretty cool idea.

Now I read our own marketing material and I see that the product is called an NVRAM drive … and there’s a bit of a conundrum in that name. Is it a DRAM card or is it an NVRAM card? It has DRAM performance and NVRAM data retention … hmmm, I wonder if I can invent a new acronym here and call it a NDVRRAAMM card (NVRAM and DRAM combined :-))?

Whatever our marketing team calls it – it’s a card for all seasons and a lot of players. Unbelievably fast block storage or memory-based access. Now, if I can get marketing to think about bundling maxCachePlus with this thing I’ll be in seventh-heaven – the ultimate multi-purpose, multi-use server/storage acceleration device.

Stay tuned :-)

As for our second product release … we now have an expander card. This also is pretty cool in that we’ve taken one of PMC’s rock-solid expanders and fitted it to a PCIe card – so you can use a 4-port card to connect truckloads of drives. No wait, that doesn’t make sense does it? After all a 4-port card would not be powerful enough would it? Well in reality when you look at our 8405 RAID offering, with only 4 ports on the card, in fact you are looking at the most powerful product we’ve ever produced, so it can handle a lot more than 4 drives connected to its single connector.

On top of that you can cascade in all manner of ways, so you can configure servers and cheap jbods in a myriad of ways – and that’s pretty cool.

All this new stuff makes PMC a pretty cool place to be these days … looking forward to 2015 :-)