Documentation Infocenter (our best-kept secret) …

September 11, 2014

You’ve just got to love it when you find out stuff accidentally … of course it would be better to be told this stuff but them’s the breaks so to speak.

Was trolling around in our website (as you do) when I came across the “Documentation Infocenter” … which is a new section buried in the support pages of our website. This is a new tool that brings all documentation for a single product into a single tool – which is searchable.

So instead of having to read the readme, then installation guide etc, you can search through the one online tool to find the info you are looking for regarding any particular card.

To find this new tool, go the product download page for the card you are interested in, then go to the documentation tab for that page.

Down the bottom of this page you’ll find the “Documentation Infocenter” … check it out – it’s rather a handy little tool.



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