It’s a regular blogathon at PMC …

September 17, 2014

Corporate “asked” me if they could link to this blog. That’s a bit like the wife asking “Do I look good in this?” … we all know the answer to that one :-)

So where is it linking to, and what’s in there? Well is the place of pace at PMC … these boys really know their technical stuff and there’s terminology in there that I need Google to get me through, but it shows the breadth and depth of the technical teams at PMC – from our simple RAID cards, through SSD controllers all the way to “OTN” (Optical Transport Networks – I think).

Now these guys know their stuff, and this is one heck of an informative blog if you are interested in this stuff.

So I’ll just stick to RAID and waffling about our products, but if you want the duck’s guts on what PMC is up to, take a look at our corporate blog … I’ll have to go and read it myself :-)



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