I’ve never done this before …

September 17, 2014

All IT Support Tech’s know the feeling … a new customer, a new machine, a new environment and you’re under pressure to fix the beeping screaming in the back corner (and that’s just the customer … wait till you get to the server).

I’ve been there and done that. Back in the day I had to stumble my way through Novell 3.11 servers that I had little idea how to operate, and spent many a night reading books and playing with the server on my own time to get my skills up to date to support the box. Unfortunately I was in a position of the customer not having a support contract, and I didn’t have anyone friendly that I could call to discuss how to even get it working in the first place … a very, very painful situation.

You might be finding the same situation with VMware or Xenserver today – all of a sudden you are being called on to fix something that you are not 100% comfortable with.

Now of course Google comes to the rescue big time in today’s environment – you can find just about anything you need to know if you know what to search for. Then once you sort the chaff from the oats and work out exactly which video clip or document is going to be the most help you still have to actually implement the solution or make the changes – all with a racing heartbeat and a certain amount of sweat on the brow.

And so it goes with RAID …

A lot of techs don’t know much about RAID, or they are familiar with one particular vendor’s management software and BIOS screens, but have no idea about another’s and their different terminology.

So what to do? …

Google? Yes, that works, but it still leaves some doubt. Why not call and talk to someone who can help? Now there’s a novel idea – actually talking to an individual. Email works as well but generally takes longer as the tech normally never provides quite enough information for the vendor to make an informed judgment and recommendation.

So next time you are faced with a RAID issue on an Adaptec card … or you just want to know how it works and what your options are … give us a call.





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