Singapore here I come …

October 24, 2014

Heading off next week to the Cloud Computing Conference in Singapore (which is a lovely place to be at any time of year as long as the air-conditioning is working).

Will be manning a stand showing a Series 8 controller running HDD, SSD and also connected to iSCSI – caching and tiering all over the place (it’s a regular little datacenter in a box). In the interests of having less noisy equipment on the stand, I decided to go mad and run HyperV in Windows (I’m a Windows sort of person … and no, that does not mean “unreliable” :-)). Running virtual servers lets me run multiple performance testing scenarios on the same hardware.

This in itself is pretty cool. I’ll have one virtual server running on a tiered volume (ssd and hdd combined into a single volume), and another virtual server running on an iSCSI volume across the network, being cached locally in the head unit. Two versions of iometer running on the same machine and you have yourself a crazy demo.

The Cloud Computing Conference is focused on exactly that – the cloud. So what does a RAID card vendor have to do with the Cloud? Pretty simply there are a lot of system integrators pushing solutions into the cloud looking for solutions like pure SSD environments, caching and tiering to get maximum performance from the biggest storage arrays possible. If it’s big it generally means SATA drives. If it’s fast it generally means flash of some description (eg Flashtec or SSD drives). But one or the other doesn’t cut the mustard – datacenters need more performance than SATA spinning drives can provide, and more capacity than pure SSD environments. So they are very interested in combinations of the two that will give them their competitive edge.

The fun part is the speaking role. How to make a short presentation on RAID, HBA, caching and tiering interesting to a tired group of worn-out attendees at the end of their second day on the job … now that will be much more of a challenge than manning the hardware stand all week.

So … if you happen to be wandering around the Singapore Cloud Computing Conference drop in and see Adaptec – we’re full of surprises.



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