Home sweet home …

November 12, 2014

Things have been a bit busy round here lately … India, Melbourne, Singapore and Taiwan all in the last month, so it’s good to get home to a comfortable chair and life in the slow lane …

India and Taiwan were training exercises, while Melbourne was a hardware trip where I borrowed a server from my good friends at Xenon Systems (www.xenon.com.au) … I borrowed a system to build and send to Singapore (which completes the loop). These guys at Xenon really know their stuff, both in general server and in supercompute, so it’s always interesting to be beavering away in one end of a customer’s lab or datacenter and sticky-beak as to what is going on around you – it’s a great way to learn what is happening in the real world.

Of course, I can’t tell you about what tricks they are up to because that would give away trade secrets, but their website will tell you enough. So I’d like to thank Dragan and the lads at Xenon for the loan of their server for my Singapore Cloud Computing Conference – it was a big help.

While on that subject, at the Singapore Conference we were across the hall from 3M. No, not the scotch-tape variety, but the fully-immersed, liquid cooled, fanless, liquid-boiling server cooling system. Say what? You mean the whole server goes into that clear liquid – drives and all? Yup, but only SSD and Helium drives are supported for immersion cooling.

While I could not exactly pick up my server and drop it in the liquid, a quick dunk of a raid card into their cooling solution, then remove and plug straight into my server without any problems showed that this is some pretty crazy stuff and some seriously intense cooling.

The only thing missing from the stand was the scuba unit to allow the techs to work on the hardware live while fully immersed in liquid.

I’ll never ceased to be amazed at what smart minds come up with in this industry.



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