Hybrid Drives – how to make just a “little” bigger …

December 10, 2014

We all know and love Hybrid Hard Drives from various disk vendors. They combine flash memory with spinning media to give you a good mix of capacity and performance. However they have a few issues …

1. Not redundant – this is only a single drive so what happens when it fails
2. Capacity – again it’s only one drive so how do I add more space

So … What I want is a Hybrid Drive that I can:

1. Specify the size – especially of each component – I determine how much flash memory and how much spinning media is in the drive
2. Trust – I want the various components within the drive to be safe – if something fails then I want it to keep working.

Well … you can have your cake and eat it too … maxCachePlus on Adaptec Series 8 RAID card gives you exactly this – a tiered volume that in effect is exactly the same as a Hybrid Drive, but is flexible in size (you can specify how much flash and how big the spinning component is), and it’s safe – each component (flash and spinning media) are protected against component failure by redundancy in the drive configurations.

So … Why not a 20TB drive that is made up of 2TB of flash and 18TB of spinning media. Sounds pretty damned fine to me. So check out maxCachePlus from Adaptec on our Series 8 controllers … note you need to look for an “8” on the front of the controller and a “Q” on the end – maxCachePlus is only available on our Series 8”Q” controllers.

Worth looking at.



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