But I don’t want a 12Gb controller! …

January 21, 2015

I hear this all the time. Adaptec makes two series of cards that are very similar in function and nature … take, for instance, the 6Gb/sec 7805 and the 12Gb/sec 8805. Both are 8 port fully-featured RAID cards – but one is 6Gb (Series 7) vs the other at 12Gb/sec (Series 8).

Now most drives on the market today are 6Gb/sec, so buyers go looking for 6Gb/sec cards to fulfill their needs. When I point out that the 8805 is slightly cheaper than the 7805 (apart from the one dodgy seller on Amazon who is promoting this card $10 cheaper than we sell it to the market for – complete with the wrong picture) then it starts to get people’s attention … but they still come back to me and say “but I don’t want a 12Gb controller!”

So … with our 8805 (12Gb/sec) controller, if you plug 12Gb SAS SSD into it then it’s a 12Gb controller … but if you only plug 6Gb/sec drives into it then it’s a ??? controller? You guessed it … the speed of the drives dictate the connection speed so in effect the 8805 works as a 6Gb controller.

Function is the same, and IOP performance is far greater than the 7 series controller – for slightly less price, but guess what I still hear???…

“I don’t want a 12Gb controller!”

It gives me the irits sometimes to try and understand the mentality of people who are blinded by the numbers on the box, and don’t think about “what is right for the system (or their customer)” … they just go off the numbers because that’s what they know.

So is it a problem to have a faster card than you really need? Is it ever a problem to have something fast? Only if it costs an arm and a leg … and the 8805 doesn’t.

So when looking at 8 port controllers, especially when SSD are involved, take the blinkers off and look at the 8805 … you might just come out in front.



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