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January 29, 2015

I’m back in India talking to customers about RAID and HBA products (what’s new), however had a bit of an eye-opener yesterday.

We were discussing the uptake of SSD, and how in my opinion they should be wiping out the 15K SAS HDD market due to pricing and performance advantages.

What? Pricing advantage? (that came from the customer I was talking to). Suppose I should have checked my facts before opening my mouth (bad habit), but I was working on the basis of what I see in Australia … that SSDs are price competitive with SAS hard drives, and are in fact pretty much wiping out the 15K SAS HDD market (and hurting 10K SAS HDD pretty badly as well).

But in India, just as in China, the problem here is price. It’s not that the SSDs are drastically expensive, it’s more like the fact that SAS HDD seem to be far cheaper than they are at home. So they still hold a good price advantage of SSD, and that’s keeping the SAS HDD in the marketplace longer than it should be (imho).

However, even though they are cheaper to buy, with the power consumption and heat generation of SAS HDD being a major problem in Indian datacenters, there is still room for discussion regarding the TCO of using SSD in place of SAS HDD.

It just makes me wonder what the drive vendors are up to … are they (a) ripping us off in Australia with high prices on SAS HDD, or (b) dumping older technology drives into the growing marketplaces to keep their profit margins high? Now that sounds cynical, and I could never be accused of being that, but I can see this as a barrier to developing high-performance datacenters in this country.

India’s IT marketing is growing at a phenomenal rate. No idea what Gartner and the lads are saying officially, but with the excitement in the country generated by the new Prime Minister (Mr Modi), the country is on a high and is booming in infrastructure, along with IT and software.

Shame that they are struggling with the same major move to SSD like a lot of other regions are doing (due to price that is).



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