Another week, another trip …

January 30, 2015

Just finishing up a week in India (Bangalore this time around), and once again I’ve been nothing but impressed at the rapid rate of growth and development in this country. The IT industry is booming over here, and the Indian IT industry is charging ahead with software and hardware solutions that match anything I’ve seen in my travels.

On top of that they are the most friendly and welcoming people I know, which makes a week away from home a little less painful (when you feel so welcome).

Many colleagues in the industry have a somewhat biased view of different country’s IT lifecycle and development … and always seem to put the US at the top of the tree … thinking they are the innovators and leaders in this industry. While that may be true to some extent, when you visit a customer in a small building in downtown Bangalore, to find they are developing Petabyte-capable systems using their own innovative software and are implementing our new Flashtec acceleration devices (, you realise that looks count for little, and that maybe, just maybe, there are some brilliant minds in other parts of the world who are leading the charge in Cloud infrastructure development and performance, and it’s not just the big wigs in the fancy offices in the US who are moving us in the right direction.

Can’t wait to be back here in 3 months to see how much has changed again.

Of course, we just flogged them at cricket so it’s always an easier trip when my side is winning :-)



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