I feel the need for (read) speed …

February 23, 2015

I was sitting up ridiculously late the other night chatting to my PMC mate in Germany who has developed a customer test lab where vendors send us their latest and greatest and he puts them through their paces (more about the lab in future blogs).

While chewing the fat and discussing all things technical, he mentioned to me the new Toshiba PX03SN range of SSDs he’s been testing. Are they fast I ask? 1100MB/sec read speed was the answer.

STOP. Have I fallen asleep during this phone call and am now dreaming of SSD or did I hear that correctly?

Yes, I heard it correctly. 1100MB/sec read speed. OK, the write speed is only 380MB/sec, but who cares … with 100,000 4K IOP read speed and 26K IOP write speed, these things are amazing. Of course you need a Series 8 12Gb controller to make these work, and yes 6 of them will saturate the controller, but it’s not actually the controller that saturates – it’s the PCIe bus. Imagine that, PCIe 3.0 is not fast enough already. No idea when we’ll see 4.0 if ever, but 3.0 (8 lanes) has a maximum throughput of around 6,600MB/sec, which we used to need 16 drives to easily hit. My German mate is telling me he can do this straight out of the box with 6 drives now.

I wonder how fast one of these things will boot Windows? :-)



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