A step in the right direction …

March 12, 2015

Our team in Germany must have too much time on their hands :-)

The lads have put together a vendor lab where vendors such as hard drive and SSD manufacturers can bring their gear and test against our products. While we have validation testing going on all the time in other centres, having the ability for a vendor to sit and play with the combination of our gear and theirs is getting people pretty excited.

Our German engineering team are constantly putting new SSDs (for example) through their paces and providing feedback to the vendors – a collaborative effort to make sure that the business, enterprise and datacentre customers get the product combinations that work for them.

So PMC is putting in some big efforts to make sure that we are at the cutting edge of SSD design performance to keep up with some of these amazing devices being developed.

Along with that, the team in Germany is using the lab for customer training and education sessions. This is a great initiative by the boys over there … I’m just wondering how it would work in Australia:

Adaptec: “We want to do some testing with your equipment”
Customer/vendor: “No worries mate, meet us down the pub this arvo and we’ll shoot the breeze over a couple of schooners and sort something out!”

Not sure many people outside the antipodes will understand that one.

The lab in Germany:



The lab in Australia:




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