Adaptec and Toshiba …

April 17, 2015

The PMC Adaptec lads in Germany, and their counterparts at Toshiba, have put together a demo to take to shows and let people see what we are doing:

  • Intel Solution Summit in Abu Dhabi (28/29 April)
    • Showing Demo Server with SSD max performance life benchmarks
  • Technical Seminar for large nordic OEM (22 April)
    • Demonstrating RAID setups, Volume setups and performance tradeoffs
  • IBC Show in Amsterdam (10~14 September)

The good people at Wortmann kindly lent (donated, never to be returned?) some equipment in the form of snazzy little server and external drive bays, and Toshiba provided some pretty fantastic SSDs to round out the system.

So if you happen to be in Abu Dhabi or Amsterdam, then drop in and see our demo. You can learn a lot about setting up RAID using SSD. Seeing is believing.


Now … how do I convince my boss that I need to be in attendance? Hmmm …



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