The problem with Indonesia …

May 10, 2015

is that … there is no problem with Indonesia!

Recently I spent a week there with our new distributors, where we presented at a Datacenter/Cloud Forum and talked to customers regarding the suitability of our products for their markeplace. Indonesia is a booming economy and the IT sector is growing at a good steady rate, so I can see us doing good business there over the next few years – which means I need to be there on a regular basis.

Since this was my first trip to Jakarta, I thought I’d analyse the problems I found:

1. The people are fantastically friendly and helpful … so no problem there

2. The food is great … so no problem there

3. The customers are smart, up to date and right on top of their game … so no problem there

4. The weather … damn it was humid … so if that’ the only problem I came across I guess I can live with it.

The best part about Indonesia was that I managed to get two weeks holiday after the trip, which was spent chasing my boy around at our BMX National Championships (2nd, Elite Men so a pretty good result), then 4 days on an Island off the coast of Queensland doing some 4-wheel-driving in the sand and relaxing on the beach (with the trip book-ended by some lengthy road trips through outback NSW for good measure).

Hopefully this explains the lack of blog postings over the last month … but now we’re back in business so after I catch up on 4000 emails in my inbox, we’ll be back to regular posts.



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