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May 13, 2015

Google and youtube are wonderful places to get information, but as always there is a question-mark over the authenticity, quality and downright accuracy of the information provided by all and sundry in their posts and blogs. Now while I’m not casting aspersions over those that provide all this wonderful information, wouldn’t it be nice to get something directly from the horses mouth? (Australian-speak for “Vendor”).

Well, you can.

On our website home page (www.adaptec.com) , if you look closely enough, you’ll find the following:

  1. youtube link – some older stuff about our products from the product marketing and an ongoing effort by our Alabama Slammer (you’ll get it when you listen to the video) on technical aspects of how to do stuff with our cards – Liz is by far the best RAID Support Tech in the business so she’s well worth listening to. My only problem with youtube is getting distracted. All that lovely interesting stuff that appears down the right side always looks more interesting than RAID :-)
  2. Facebook – hmmm, I thought this was only for putting pictures of your last meal … however I liked it (pardon the pun) because I found one of my videos on there (you never know where this stuff will end up).
  3. Adaptec University. Last, but certainly not least, this is a major source of all sorts of information on RAID and storage in general, and our products and how to use them in particular. I should know … I spend quite a bit of time writing this stuff (then having it cleaned up by a lovely lady whose English is a whole lot betterer than mine :-)).Yes, you have to register, but no we don’t ask for your first-born as a down-payment (in fact it’s free), but once you are in, there is a wealth of information to peruse through at your leisure. Look at the catelog to see what is available, then go to “my learning” to see what you have completed, not read or not even started yet, etc. You can come back to this as often (or as little) as you like.

So should you stop using Google? Heck no, there is tons of valuable stuff out there (I use it all the time), but you should also consider getting the right word from the right people – Adaptec by PMC.



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