I always knew I had no “Q” …

June 29, 2015

Talk about a different way to promote a new product. Take an existing product, remove a feature and drop the price. Sounds pretty easy but what you end up with is something pretty spectacular.

Up until now Adaptec’s only 16-port internal RAID card has been the 81605ZQ. The “Z” is for ZMCP (zero maintenance cache protection) – in other words it has the supercap functionality built into the card – with just the supercapacitor to plug in (no daughter card). The “Q” part of the moniker denotes maxCache capability – the 81605ZQ is a caching controller (great for specific applications).

But what did you buy if you wanted a 16 port internal controller but did not need the “Q” function? You might be putting together a pure SSD system, or you might be building a nice large storage server that doesn’t need caching. The only choice was to go back to the 7 series.

So we took the 81605ZQ and removed maxCache. That makes it an 81605Z. Comes standard with 16 internal ports and cache protection … but note that it can’t be upgraded to a “Q” model – you can’t add that via firmware etc.

As an aside … you should note that you can swap out the drives from an 81605Z and an 81605ZQ without any reconfiguration – the drivers etc are all the same and both cards recognise the RAID arrays from the other card.

So there you have it … a new card. It does less than it’s “Q” cousin, but then again, it costs less :-)
Now you know.



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