Solution selling …

July 7, 2015

When sitting around in marketing meetings a constant bone of contention in communications with our customers is “solution selling”. In other words – how do we provide solution information to customers rather than just mumbo-jumbo about speeds and feeds of our products?

It’s a much larger and more complex question that you might first think. Just take a quick look at the broad scope of product placement where you find adaptec controllers … from the workstation through to hyper-scale datacenters (and everywhere in-between).

Now of course the boss is just going to say “write about them all”, but some of the blog articles are already looking like War and Peace (I forget to stop typing occasionally), and my real question here is “is this really the place you come for answers on designing solutions?” If in fact that is what you do, then let us know. Because if you are looking for detailed analysis of how to design systems for specific applications then I’m up for the typing – but you have to be up for the reading to go along with it!

I should probably just give it a go and see what happens. I’ll stick my head out the window occasionally and see if I can hear large-scale snoring … that will tell me I’m boring you to death with overly-long blogs. But then again, my wife tells me I’m deaf so I probably won’t know anyway.

Send me your thoughts (nice ones only please).



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