Funny what we take for granted …

July 9, 2015

Was mediating (sort of) a discussion between two customers recently. Both are system builders using our products and I was trying to get some credibility for a solution I was proposing to one customer. Always helps if you can get a recommendation from someone other than yourself for the mad ideas you are proposing.

During the conversations, customer “A” dropped the term “6000Mb/sec”. Customer “B” balked at this, asking whether we meant 6000 megabits or 6000 megabytes. I matter-of-factly indicated we were talking 6000 megabytes per second throughput – I thought that was pretty old hat by now. If we were “writing”, we’d designate megabits as Mb (little “b”) and megabytes as MB (big “B”) – but we weren’t…

Customer “B” almost choked.

He had no idea that storage systems could go that fast. I did indicate that you need about 16 good SSDs to make this happen, but it’s no great brainer for an 8 Series controller directly attached to 16 SSDs to get this sort of performance (with the right data flow of course). So Customer “B” is off to get 16 SSDs to prove me wrong :-)

Lesson: just because I learnt something 12 months ago doesn’t mean that everyone knows the same stuff. I’ll learn to be a little more humble in the future and make sure I tell people what we are doing.



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