Where did all those disks come from?

(Another word for “FlexConfig”)

I’m doing it again … writers block so back to explaining a feature of our cards that you may not be aware of.

In the BIOS of our controller (under “Controller Settings/Controller Configuration/Controller Mode”) we have added several new options. Series 8 gets one more option than Series 7 just for confusion sake. Before I go into the details of the modes, I need to explain metadata.

Metadata is the area of the disk where we store our RAID information – who/what/where/why and how. It is created by “initializing” a disk. So when you initialize a disk it wipes out any previous metadata, and creates a new clean structure for the controller to store the RAID information on the disk.

The opposite to this is “uninitialise”. This removes metadata completely, leaving a blank clean disk that is for all intents and purposes not part of anything to do with RAID.

These two differences are important. Keep it in mind when reading the following breakdown of what the different modes do …

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